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Our SAR Heroes
Thank you to all that joined us for a virtual evening honoring our SAR Heroes. More than 1100 families watched the program and a community 1,200+ strong raised over $4.5 million to benefit our students. So many people posted messages applauding not only our honorees but our dedicated faculty and staff. We are humbled and moved by the outpouring of support which speaks volumes about our community's commitment to Jewish education and our children.
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TAL BOUSKILA Chair, Pandemic Chesed Committee
With the utmost dignity and compassion, Tal Bouskila has led our work to embrace the SAR community during these inordinately difficult months of crisis. She chairs the Pandemic Chesed Committee, a team of nearly forty parents serving as SAR’s lifeline to families in need. Work began immediately on the now infamous date of March 2. Tal and her team of ‘angels’ tirelessly responded to every possible concern. They collected and delivered personal items left in school to people in quarantine, including Chrome books for online learning and tefillin bags. A dedicated hotline and WhatsApp group became profound resources to address calls ranging from basic necessities to halachic observance, and Tal coordinated as needed with the Parent Association and SAR administrators. Tal organized UJA Shabbat meals for nearly 350 faculty and staff members; worked with Olam Chesed to deliver 100 packages of essential supplies (paper goods, personal and healthcare items, baby products, etc.); and, concerned that community members might not be able to properly observe Pesach, she assisted a group of parents coordinating pantry packages for families. Tal has been an invaluable SAR volunteer, serving as Class Parent for five years, Co-Chair, ELC Pajama Night, committee member for the Academy Chanukat Habayit, Co-Chair, New Parents Evening, and currently Co-Chair for the Parent Association “For Parents, By Parents” programs, engaging parents unable to visit school this year. Tal and her husband Eitan live in Riverdale, and are parents to James (3N), William (K), and Nathan (Grade 1). FOUR QUESTIONS FOR THE HONOREE Q. What is one insight you gained from this year that you would like to share? A. An insight I’ve gained from this year is how incredibly resilient our children are. All of our worlds were turned upside down overnight. I was so nervous that masking and distancing would hinder my children’s growth and spirits, but they rose to the occasion, as children usually do. It’s such a lesson in adaptability and resilience for the faint of heart - their parents! Q. What is one favorite or positive SAR-related memory from the past few months. A. The special memory I have of these last few months was getting to see the care and determination that the SAR community has for one other. My contact information was available to help any families in need during this time, yet most of the calls I got were community members asking what they could do for others and offering their help and support. That is how The Pandemic Chesed Committee was formed- a heartwarming testament to our amazing school. Q. SAR’s theme of the year is “achrayut” in your opinion, what is our responsibility to others during complicated times? A. Our responsibility to each other during difficult times is to care for one other in every way. In these times that can feel very isolating no one should struggle alone. This time proved we are there to support each other socially, emotionally, financially, the list goes on. We are stronger together than we are apart. Q. Who is/are your heroes? Who do you look up to and why? A. My heroes are all of the amazing matriarchs in my life: My great grandmother Esther Boaziz z’l, or (and befitting as my hero) “Super Safta”. Safta Esther emigrated from Morocco to Israel in 1949 with her 6 young children. The journey and conditions of her new life in Israel were very difficult and in the same year she suffered the tragic losses of her husband and daughter. Through these devastating times, Safta Esther pushed through and always managed to be positive and happy. Safta inspires me, even in the most difficult times, to keep going. Her story serves as a constant reminder that although we fear today, we have so many blessings to be grateful for. My mother, Gila Cohen, who shows me everyday that love has no limits. She selflessly carries the weight of the world on her shoulders every day to make sure her children and grandchildren are cared for, safe and healthy. Another hero of mine is my mother in law; Myra Bouskila, who always puts her family first. Her attentiveness to every detail involving her children and grandchildren is extraordinary. She is always there to offer her unique perspective which reflects her warm and loving heart. Last but not least, my two older sisters Maya and Efrat, who are true examples of women who do it all and inspire me every single day.


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Real change in society must start from individual initiative. (Dalai Lama) Thank you to all the SAR heroes for your wise vision and commitment to better the world, one child at a time.
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Mazal Tov Tal!!! With love and admiration, Raffi
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