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Our SAR Heroes
Thank you to all that joined us for a virtual evening honoring our SAR Heroes. More than 1100 families watched the program and a community 1,200+ strong raised over $4.5 million to benefit our students. So many people posted messages applauding not only our honorees but our dedicated faculty and staff. We are humbled and moved by the outpouring of support which speaks volumes about our community's commitment to Jewish education and our children.
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RUSSI BOHM, RN Nurse, SAR High School
Russi Bohm provides physical and emotional support to hundreds of individual SAR High School students, along with many of their parents. She serves as a mentor and advocate for students challenged with health concerns, partnering with them to achieve personal and academic goals. Since joining SAR 12 years ago, she has cultivated such meaningful relationships with students that many consider her a friend and mentor for years after graduation. Russi teaches Beit Midrash and Health classes, is a member of the PACT team, a member of the Senior Exploration Committee, assistant to the Co-Curricular Coordinator, and Faculty Advisor for the Health Club that sponsors individual awareness days for breast cancer, Crohn’s disease and & ulcerative colitis, diabetes, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). “Wonder woman” that she is, Russi is also a vital member of the SAR Medical Advisory Team, launched in March 2020 at the start of the Covid Pandemic. Since that time she has implemented all safety and medical-related protocols for the High School’s reopening, ensuring ongoing cooperation and safety, and providing general assessment, intervention and follow-up for students. Russi is trained in Covid-19 testing procedures, and is an invaluable counsel to and liaison with High School administrators, parents, and students. Prior to joining SAR, Russi was a nurse in the Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Unit at Mount Sinai Medical Center. She began her career as a student intern in the pediatric intensive care unit at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. Russi and her husband Joey are parents to Maytal (K), Avigayil (Grade 3), Gabriella (Grade 5), and Eddie (Grade 7). She is the Riverdale Jewish Center (RJC) Youth Department Chair, and has been camp nurse at Ramah and Nesher for several summers. FOUR QUESTIONS FOR THE HONOREE Q. What is the one insight you have gained from this year that you would like to share? A. The partnership between parents, teachers, administration, students, and faculty is what gives SAR its strength. Q. What is one favorite or positive SAR-related memory from these past few months? A. Discovering the Northwell app for my phone! Having the ability to test for Covid and obtain results so quickly has been a gift. Once I know I am waiting on test results for a student I check the app multiple times a day- from when I wake up in the morning until I go to sleep. I can communicate those results as soon as I get them and not wait until I'm in the school building the next day. I am grateful for the ability to administer tests to those in need, I am grateful that our awesome medical team helped facilitate our partnership with Northwell, and I'm grateful our turnaround time for results has been so fast! Q. SAR’s theme of the year is “achrayut” in your opinion, what is our responsibility to others during complicated times? A. Follow the policies and protocols no matter how hard they are. The students in SAR HS want to be in school and want school to stay open. To be six feet apart, wear a mask, and not "hang out" in the usual way teenagers do is super hard. I’m very grateful to our community for sharing the same value of taking on this responsibility for one another and keeping us safe and open. Q. Who is/are your heroes? Who do you look up to and why? A. My husband is my #1 hero. Firstly, he puts up with me and my shenanigans :). Second, he is the person I lean on. He is my rock, my support. My colleagues (administration, faculty and staff) in the HS are also my role model heroes. Their creativity, flexibility, and willingness to think outside the box is incredible. I honestly don't know how they do it, and do it with a smile. Thank you for all that you do!


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Recent Donations

1. Shoshana & Elan Kattan
Russi - it's hard to put into words how much you give to this community, but we are so glad that you are being recognized for it. It's an honor to be your colleague, but even more so to be your friend. Thank you for all that you do, and thank you Joey and the Bohm Bohms for lending us Russi for all of those hours of the day!
2. Noah And Naomi Goldstein
Russi, Your dedication and devotion is incredible! This is well deserved. Keep being amazing! SAR is lucky to have you!
3. Robyn & Josh Hartman
In honor of Russi Bohm
4. Georgia Bieder
Dear Russi, You are an inspiration to all of us. Mazel Tov on this honor. You certainly deserve it!! We are so very proud of you. Love your cousins, Rachel & Ilan & Family Stacy & Stu & Family Jaclyn & Akiva
5. Georgia & Jeff Bieder
Dear Russi, Your compassionate personality and determination to always help others has led you to this well deserved honor. You are an incredible niece and role model and we are proud to be your aunt and uncle. Love and unlimited kisses, Aunt Georgia and Uncle Jeff
6. Allison and Adam Steinmetz
Russi- Mazel tov on being an SAR hero! You are such an amazing person- a true inspiration to us all. You are a leader, a doer, and a mentsch. You are the best and well-deserving of this honor!!
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