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Live, Learn, Lead!

Our SAR Heroes
Thank you to all that joined us for a virtual evening honoring our SAR Heroes. More than 1100 families watched the program and a community 1,200+ strong raised over $4.5 million to benefit our students. So many people posted messages applauding not only our honorees but our dedicated faculty and staff. We are humbled and moved by the outpouring of support which speaks volumes about our community's commitment to Jewish education and our children.
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Mitchell Saint Amour
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Tami Tropper
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Rosalyn Ungar Guber
Mazel tov to the honorees, administration and staff of SAR for your amazing accomplishments on behalf of your students, their parents, grandparents and teachers. May Hashem continue to give all of you the wisdom and ability to continue.
Valerie Gryzlo
Thank you to all the Hero's. You are a true inspiration!
Bradley Miller
I am so grateful for the work of our heroes who enable us to come to work every day.
Lazar family
Mazal tov Gita, we are so proud of you!!!
Miriam and Howard Fruchter
Mazel Tov to Dr. Gita Lisker on this well deserved honor!
Ramona & Avi Elishis
In honor of Rabbi Krauss, Morah Sara, and Morah Beth and all of the amazing administrators, teachers, and faculty of SAR for creating an incredibly warm home of love of Torah and excellence in academics. We feel truly fortunate to be a part of the SAR family. With much much Hakarat Hatov to all of our most deserving honorees: Teena Lerner, Gita Lisker, Joshua Rocket, Tal Bouskila, Esther Sperber, Hila Stern, Esther Bacharach, Russi Bohm & Maggie Listhaus. And to our most wonderful First Grade teachers Morah Lisi, Morah Bat-El and Morah Ariel for extending “Everything I learned, I learned in Kindergarten” to include First Grade! We appreciate your patience, your kindness, and all of your smiles. Wishing all endless Mazal, Good Health, and Brachot in the years to come. 
Tuvia Lwowski
Thank you to all of our tireless heroes for everything you do for our school community!
Stacey and Edmond Levy
Mazal Tov to all the honorees! To Russi Bohm, you were a hero to us pre-Covid and we are eternally grateful to you for the love, care, and expertise with which you do your job!
Mazal tov Esther. You are a hero to many of us.
Rivi Weill & Moshe Feintuch
Congratulations to all the deserving Honorees who have made an impact on all our lives in difficult times! Special Kudos to Rabbis Krauss, Harcsztark and Kroll and the entire administration for their leadership and compassion in uniquely trying times!
In honor of the Shem Tov family
Valerie & Steve Greenberg
For all the HEROES: Thank you so much for all you have done during these trying times. To our very dear GITA: A special thanks for serving as our guiding light. We are so proud of you and love you and your entire family.
Francesca & Scott Goldenberg
Congrats to all the honorees.
Lizzie Parker & JR Stevenson
Mazel Tov to all the SAR heroes for keeping our children safe everyday. Thank You to Lawrence and Adina Burian for all their hard work and dedication to SAR academy and SAR high school.
Jamie Schneider Schwartz & Kivi Schwartz
In honor of the incredible heroes of SAR and in honor our wonderful nieces and nephews, current and past SAR students, the Schneider & Minkove children.
Alyson Spindell
Beyond grateful to the dedicated educators and staff keeping our children learning and safe
Ellen & Dean Ungar
Thank you to all the honorees!
Barbara & Alan Weichselbaum
In honor of our daughter Alana Rifkin Gelnick We are proud of you each day And kudos to Yehuda Shmidman on a job well done! #SARHEROES Mom & Alan
Jamie & David Feit
Congratulations and kudos to the SAR administration and faculty on so skillfully, admirably and honorably navigating the herculean challenges of this year and last. Kol hakavod!
Aviva & Mark Dahan
Mazel tov Gita, Russi and all the honorees on this well deserved honor!!!
Richard and Lisa Heisler
Thank you to all the SAR heroes for keeping our children safe every day!
Nofie and Mark Rosovsky
Huge thank you to SAR and all of the honorees for incredible dedication and unwavering commitment to our children and community’s heath and safety. Special kudos to Russi for her remarkable responsiveness around the clock!
Rachel Eliach
My grandchildren- Mikayla and Nate Garber and Amalya Forman and their parents- Adiva, Yoni, Ariel and Dani are my Heroes along with all the administrators, teachers, and the entire student body of SAR. Thank you for not only making this year work, thank you for making it a meaningful and valuable learning and living experience for us all!
Boris and Roza Niyazov
Thank you so much to all the Heroes!!
Kastner Lehon Family
We are thrilled to celebrate our hero Esther Sperber! With love and admiration, Ivan, Tal, Eitan, Tamar and Gila
Janna & Sam Herskowitz
To our local hero- GITA You inspire us! May HaShem bless you and give you the strength to continue caring for us all! Mazal Tov on this incredibly well deserved honor and thank You!!
💛🖤Rivka Press Schwartz
Words cannot express our appreciation to all you have done to carry and sustain our community in these incredibly difficult times. May Hashem repay and reward all of your efforts.
Stacey and Avi Goldberg
Mazel Tov Gita on your well deserved honor.
Milton Steinberg and Family
Congratulations to the honorees.
Seryl Ritter and Buddy Skydell
Yasher Koach and Mazal Tov to all the honorees on this most deserved tribute!
Gavri, Sarit, and Rami Lapin
With gratitude for our amazing nurses and our spectacular medical advisory team.
Dahlia & Benjamin Prager
Thank you to the SAR community—and, in particular, the honorees—for all of the hard work everyone is doing to keep our kids safe! An extra shout-out to our good friend, Josh Rocker. A huge thank you, also, to the teachers, who have taken on so much more this year to make learning possible!! With gratitude, Ben & Dahlia Prager
💛🖤Hillary Edelson
Thank you to our fabulous heroes for keeping us safe each and every day!
💛🖤Reena Cohen
What a bracha it is to be part of the SAR community, in which we interact with such amazing people on a daily basis. Thank you, thank you, to all of our honorees! You have made these past 10 months - and the years before them! - so much better through all of the work that you do. With tremendous hakarat hatov.
Thank you for all you do for our children, this year, and every year!
Talia & Jonathan Siscovick
Mazal Tov Russi!! Thank you for all that you do for the SAR community!!
Ora Canter
Gita-So incredibly amazed and appreciative of your tireless efforts this year and always.Thank you.
Aliza and David Wildman
Thank you to our heroes! We are lucky to have you and appreciate your efforts every day.
💛🖤Freda Kleinburd & Richard Kalmin
Mazel tov to all! Special thanks to Russi and Josh for helping to keep us safe
💛🖤Chaya & Adin Rayman
To the incomparable Russi Bohm---we are so fortunate to have worked with you in so many capacities and have been able to see firsthand how much of your time, energy, and passion you devote to your community, students, friends, and family. You are a role model in every sense and we are so appreciative for the entire SAR and Riverdale community. Thank you for everything you do!!!!
Michelle and Jeffrey Kobrin
In honor of all the SAR heroes who keep our kids safe and healthy each and every day!
💛🖤Michelle Humi-DeFunis and Bension DeFunis and Family
We feel a tremendous sense of gratitude for all that SAR has been able to accomplish this year and last. To our unbelievable Administration, Teachers, Executive board, Nick Fadda and staff, Tech team, and the list goes on and on. Your tremendous leadership and vision is like no other school in the country. You led us, you cared for us, and you provided an incredible education to our children. You did the impossible. Too each of the honorees – Russi, Esther, Maggie, Josh, Gita, Tina, Esther, Hila, and Tal - when we think of each of you the common character traits that you each possess is knowledge, leadership, selflessness, care, thoughtfulness and kindness. We could not have asked for a better team of Heroes to take care of us through this Pandemic. We are so so grateful for all that you have done for each of us individually and communally.
Rachel & Yitzy Spinner
To the outstanding individuals who helped us through these unprecedented times. Thank you for your guidance, your leadership and your protection. To the educators who show up every day to teach their students, thank you for your dedication.
Ruth & Martin Dunitz
With love and pride for our grandson, Alfie G (First Grade).
Jordana Levine & Glen Ross
Thank you Heroes !
Debbie Meiliken
The level of education and ruach At SAR is the best of the best. We are so appreciative to the entire staff for your dedication.
Adrienne & Michael Alexander
Thank you to all of our Heroes and in honor of all our students
🎓💛🖤Yael & Cory Baker and family
Sharing our hakarat hatov to SAR Academy and High School for your commitment to our children and community. "Thank You" does not express the gratitude we feel for the esteemed honorees and our administration for your dedication to creating a safe and healthy environment for our students, highlighted by continuity, stability and as always, warmth. And to our children, Max, AJ and Bella - we love you and are so proud of you.
Roz Bellin
Thank you to SAR, you are all my heroes!!!!
Sarah Zitter Milstein & Stuart Milstein
Mazal tov to all the SAR Heroes! We are incredibly grateful for your tireless work and vision for our community.
Riverdale Jewish Center
Mazal Tov to our heroes Esther Bacharach, Russi Bohm, and Maggie Listhaus along with all the other health care workers who have provided for our schools, shuls and community during this challenging year. Thank you for keeping us safe! We are so proud of your leadership and dedication!
Ina & David Tropper
In honor of Dr. Teena Lerner and Esther Bacharach and all of the worthy honorees.
Wendy & Sidney Ingber
We salute SAR, its' honorees, superb faculty and administration- may you continue to go from strength to strength.
Leslie Dweck
Mabrouk from the Dweck Family.
💛🖤 Elana, Bradley, Eytan & Rebecca Saenger
Thank you for your heroic efforts leading us through these challenging times. With gratitude,
💛🖤Sharon Black
Mazal tov to each and every one of our celebrated heroes who work tirelessly taking care of us and inspiring us by living heroically. Thank you.
Sheri and Leigh Schachter
Congratulations to Gita and Jay for this honor. You really deserve it for the amazing work that you have done over the past year. We are so proud of you. Dad, Sheri, Lieber, Allie, Moshe and Kayla
To all of the SAR heroes, we cannot thank you enough for your incredible dedication, expertise, commitment, and compassion. You have carried us through this hard time.
Josefa and Ari Bunim
Mazel Tov to all the Honorees! Thank you for all the hard work and keeping us safe. Kol Hakavod!
Annette Back
Mazal tov to all the honorees! We are so grateful to the entire SAR community for their commitment to our children. Thank you Russi, Esther and the amazing medical team for working tirelessly to keep us safe and in school! We are proud of the faculty and staff at SAR for their wonderful work.Thank you. The Back Family.
💛🖤Mendel & Chaya Gottesman
Dear Esther, Russi and Maggie, Not all superheroes wear tights and a cape! May you continue to do your amazing work on behalf of all SAR students and staff for many years to come! Mazal tov, Mazal tov, Mazal tov! Chaya & Mendel Gottesman
Hope and Robert Waxman
Thank you to our Heroes for your dedication and service to the SAR community.
💛🖤Rena & Michael Rossman
Thank you to the awesome trio Maggie, Esther and Russi! Your care and devotion knows no bounds! Thank you to all of our heroes and a special shout out to Dr Rocker who has always given advice and care with love, knowledge and seichel! May you all be rewarded for your incredible service to all of us!!!
Michele & Mordecai Rosenberg
Thank you to ALL the SAR Heroes. We are so greatly appreciative of your tireless work on behalf of all the SAR families.
Ernst Bacharach
My best wishes to a great nurse and a wonderful human being. Love, Sabba Bacharach
💛🖤The Najman-Licht Family
Dear SAR Heroes, Thank you for your tireless efforts, ensuring that our children, teachers, staff and people outside in our community are safe and well. From each one of our nurses to the medical advisory team, to the architecture and design committee - thank you for being more than עוסקים בצרכי צבור, but for safeguarding our lives beyond measure. With deep gratitude and respect. Thank you.
Aaron Hasson and Family
A well deserved tribute to all the honorees for what they have done in the past and for what they continue to do in the present and the future.
Gary and Diane Katz
Mazal Tov Esther, and thank you for your important work on behalf of the SAR and broader Jewish Community. Yishar Koach to all the honorees for their leadership in this challenging time. Gary and Diane Katz
Amy & Jack Benishai
"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin Thank you SAR for continuing to go above and beyond for our grandchildren, Grace and Asher Benishai and Yasher Koach to all of the dedicated honorees!
💛🖤Shuli Taubes & Ari Gordon
Russi and the SAR team, Thank you for carrying us through a challenging time with expertise, dedication and warmth. We will be forever grateful for your strength and for your service.
Nancy Markovitch
Kol Ha'Kavod to all of the dedicated honorees and SAR Heroes! Your dedication to keeping children safe and inside the classroom is unparalleled!
Sabrina & Guy Salomon
Mazal Tov to all the honorees and thank you to the teachers of 6W (Benjamin Salomon).
💛🖤 Danielle & Alexander Lev
Mazel Tov to these well-deserved honorees! Russi, you are truly a hero and a role model to all of us. Thank you for your tireless hard work and your dedication to keep the SAR community safe!
The Riverdale Minyan
Mazal Tov to our member Dr. Teena Lerner. Thank you for your leadership and dedication to our community. With admiration The Riverdale Minyan
💛🖤Sharon & Moish Sturm
Mazal tov to all of our Heroes! Your herculean efforts to ensure our safety have allowed us to be in school and for that we are forever grateful. What a privilege it is to be part of a community that has such inspiring role models of achrayut. We deeply appreciate your dedication, warmth, and grace as you protected, nurtured, and taught us. Thank you for ensuring that we can continue learning in an atmosphere of joy and with a commitment to taking responsibility for each other.
Menachem & Amanda Lieber
There’s no place like SAR! Thank you for all that you do.
Jay and Robin Gindin
Mazal tov to all the honorees! We are so grateful to the entire SAR community for their commitment to our children.
💛🖤 Yardaena Osband & David Glazer
Mazal tov to the outstanding faculty, administration, and volunteers of the SAR community. Our family is grateful to be part of a community built on Chesed and Torah.
💛🖤Sarah & Jonathan Konovitch
Esther and Russi, Thank you for taking such amazing care of us and the entire SAR community. With love and admiration, Sarah and Jonathan Jedidiah, Anaelle and Hezekiah
🎓Aviva & Daniel Gordon
Thank you to to our wonderful nurses- Esther, Maggie and Russi! We are so appreciative of all that you do for the SAR community!
Thank you for everything you've done for our community!
Mazel tov to the well deserved honorees! Thank you for your dedication and hard work to keep SAR safe.
💛🖤Lisa & Kenneth Birnbaum
With tremendous hakarat hatov to all of the heroes of SAR who create miracles every day both in and out of the classroom!
Frédérique and Andrew Small
To all our heroes, thank you for keeping our children safe and the school running. We are grateful for everything you do to support the children physically and emotionally.
💛🖤Rivka Heisler
Thank you so much for giving us the chance to learn in person this year!
Your loving peeps
For the last 23 years you have dedicated your days to the children that have walked through the halls of SAR. You have greeted and treated hundreds of children every day with a warm smile and a loving hello. It’s fitting that you are being honored this year in a celebration of Heroes . For longer than that you have been a Hero to our family, and to all those that come into contact with you. You are loved more than you know, may you be blessed with the ability to continue to inspire and help people and have much nachat and simcha from your family! We love you! Gary, Chana and Yechiel, Shevi, Moshe and Stephanie, Tuvi and Rachaeli
🎓Adina Safdeye
Russi- you made my experience at SAR all the more extraordinary. Thank you for being an incredible role model, confidant, and advocate.
Bacharach Grandkids
S - Smiling at all the kids who have come through the halls of SAR for the past 23 years A - Always ready to help one and all B - Best SABBI EVER!!! Whether near or far adored by all of your grandchildren B - Backbone! she is the backbone of our family. May she have the koach to continue to lead us all ad 120. I - Inspiring to us all. Your love, loyalty, enthusiasm, professionalism, warmth, and dedication to all the people in your life and everything you do! All our love, Miriam Tiferet, Daniyel, Refael, Gavriel, Kira, Uriel, Ella, Sophie, and Avichail
Amit, Ori, Lea , Rona Stern
Hila - We are so proud of you and honored to celebrate with you and the entire SAR community. Your passion and love in the work you do is always inspiring. It was incredible to see how over the summer months, you and the entire SAR Team, including Esther, Dr. Lisker, Dr. Rocker and the nurses, came together and put a plan in place that allowed our kids to go back to school safely. We would also like to thank R' Krauss, R' Harcsztark, R' Kroll and entire SAR faculty for their tremendous efforts and leadership "וכל מי שעוסקים בצרכי ציבור באמונה, הקדוש ברוך הוא, ישלם שכרם"
Deborah and Michael Cooperman
Many many thanks to all! Especially our beloved Nurse Russi who takes such good care of all of us!
Tara & Jeremy Wayne
Mazal tov and huge thanks to all our wonderful heroes who have steered us through the pandemic and do so much each and every day to enrich the lives of our children while keeping us all safe!
Roberta Helft
In memory of Dr. Arthur E. Helft z”l. In honor of The Heroes
Aviva Taubenfeld & Daniel Schloss and Family
Thank you to all of the amazing SAR leaders, teachers, and heroes! Your incredible hard work, knowledge, devotion, and generosity of spirit have sustained our community at this most challenging time. Thanks to you, our children have continued to learn with joy each day. With the utmost gratitude admiration, Daniel Schloss and Aviva Taubenfeld
Aviva & Jack Adler
Mazal tov and a huge thanks to Dr. Lisker, Russi Bohm, and all of the honorees who have worked tirelessly to provide a safe environment for our children.
Ruth Katz
In honor of my grandson, Ben Kahan.
Debbie (Katz) '92 and Jonathan Kahan
In honor of everyone, from the administration to the cleaning crew, for making it possible to keep school open and safe.
Michael White/Joyce Davidoff
Thank you for all you do for our kids!
🎓Jaimee Shams
In honor of SAR's nurse and my personal hero- Russi Bohm
🎓Lizzy Brenner & Sam Zakay
Thank you to all our heroes for helping us get through a challenging year
Elise and Steven Cohen
With gratitute to Russi Bohm and all of the other Heroes. Elise and Steven cohen
Melanie & Bernie Kaminetsky
We honor and thank all the SAR Heroes!! With a special tribute to our own home-grown Maggie Dweck Listhaus. We are thrilled to be a part of the amazing SAR family!!
Sorie Goldstein
As an alumni parent and grandparent it is a pleasure to watch SAR florish over the years. Kudos to the heros being honored tonight for their leadership, expertise and committment during a challenging time.
Bornstein Family
To our hero Hila, we are maybe far away but we think of you and are so proud of you every single day! Hope to hug you soon! Love,The Bornstein’s from Tel Aviv
Talia G Metson
Kol HaKavod to everyone who has made this school year possible. We feel incredibly luck to send out children to SAR Academy!
David Menchel
Tremendous thanks to the honorees for their dedication and tireless efforts through these challenging times. What SAR has been able to provide to its students through Covid has been incredible.
Rebecca Stone & Seth Berkowitz
To all the SAR heroes, including our children’s amazing teachers: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are so grateful for the hard work you have done to help our children thrive in these extraordinary circumstances.
Linda & Larry Rezak
Mazal tov Hillel on your upcoming graduation. We are so proud of everything you do. Grandma and Poppy
Toby & Stuart Smith and Family
To Esther and Russie and All the honorees, Thank you so much for what you do for our children and for our school! Mazal Tov on this well deserved honor!
Lydia & Lionel Zuckier
Kol Hakavod to Teena and all the honorees for their dedication to the children of SAR.
💛🖤Sarah Medved
Russi, you astound us every day with your kindness, positivity, and seemingly endless well of can-do spirit. To you and the rest of the medical and advisory team: thank you. With everything going on this year, being able to teach and learn in person has been such a gift, and it's one that all of you gave to us.
Family García
Thanks for all your hard work, May H’ bless you all.
Zelda and Danny Wildman
With our sincere appreciation to the SAR Heroes, in honor of Hailey, Jack and Nathan.
Preiss-Bloom Family
Real change in society must start from individual initiative. (Dalai Lama) Thank you to all the SAR heroes for your wise vision and commitment to better the world, one child at a time.
Yair Kronenberg
In Memory of Lea Kronenberg
Jay Lisker along with Talya, Bailey and Micki
We have had a front row seat during this pandemic. Those who are being honored tonight along with the administration who makes the tough decisions inspired Gita to give her energies and expertise in this time of crisis. Her hours of conversation and texting, served to arm the administration with the information and clinical expertise that was so scarce during this pandemic. In addition, her personal passion that animated her work was on display during her community Zoom cameos and served to alarm us when needed and reassure us whenever possible. I have been privileged to see behind the scenes at SAR and I was more impressed than before. It reminded me again why we chose to entrust one of our most-prized possessions, our children's Jewish education, to SAR. Thank you for bringing out these latent talents in Gita and for keeping our school and kids safe and running.
The Landes Family
In honor of all the heroes and, especially, Teena, a perfect friend The Landes Family Faye, Hana (AC '97), Rusik, Jack and Maya Daphi, Yitz (AC '02), Shai and Yehonatan Mollie and Matt ('09, HS '13) Adir (AC '14 HS '18)
David Sclar
Thank you so much for all that you do!
Sari cooper
Esther, and staff - go מחיל אל חיל and we are blessed that you work with such diligence and love to keep SAR open and healthy. Mazel Tov on this honor. Sari Cooper
Rebekah & Adam Ingber
To our special honorees: Thank you! We appreciate your tireless efforts on behalf of the SAR community throughout this very challenging period. We and our children have benefited from your selfless devotion. And for that we are grateful! The Ingber Family
Mina & Howard Millendorf
In Honor of All the Very Special Honorees.
💛🖤 Michelle & Yehuda Sarna and Family
We are incredibly grateful to the honorees for their heroic commitment to our children and students. We are so blessed to be part of the SAR community and thank the honorees, Russi, Esther, teachers and administrators for their guidance and leadership!
Judy & Bob Friedman
Kol Hakavod to the school nurses and to all of the SAR Heroes!
Jill & Ami Goldfein
Mazal Tov, SAR Heroes! No words can sufficiently convey the gratitude and appreciation that we have for all that you have done in this unbelievable year. Your selflessness and dedication are remarkable. Thank you for keeping our children and community safe, and for enabling a wonderful year of in-school learning.
💛🖤Danielle & Yoni Lipshitz
Mazel Tov to all of the honorees!
Gila Leiter & Jim Lavin and Family
Congratulations to honorees
The Fox Griffel Family
In honor of Esther Bacharach and Russi Bohm.
Aliza & Michael Davis
To our dear friends Russi & Maggie and to all the dedicated SAR Heroes who have worked so hard this year, we are truly grateful to all of you for everything you have done for our children and the SAR community.
Allan, Leanne, Kiki & Josh Levin
With deep gratitude to our heroes, school administrators, educators and staff!
Moss Cafe
In honor of the SAR Maintenance and Security Staff
Shoshana & Elan Kattan
Russi - it's hard to put into words how much you give to this community, but we are so glad that you are being recognized for it. It's an honor to be your colleague, but even more so to be your friend. Thank you for all that you do, and thank you Joey and the Bohm Bohms for lending us Russi for all of those hours of the day!
💛🖤 Russi & Joey Bohm
With endless appreciation to Gita, Josh and Teena- your leadership and commitment is immeasurable. Maggie and Esther, thank you for always being there for me- don’t know how I’d get through this without you! Esther- thank you for mentoring me 13 years ago and for your continued support! Grateful to the amazing administration and teachers in SAR Academy and SAR High School. Thank you for giving it 110% every day no matter what- our kids are so lucky.
Emily and Alex Weisberg
In honor of Esther Bachrach, Maggie Listhaus, and Russi Bohm for dedicating themselves to keeping our children safe this year and every year. We are beyond grateful for your selflessness and dedication.
🎓💛🖤Michelle & Rafi Halpert
Mazal Tov to all the honored heroes. Thank you so much for all you have done this year! We feel so fortunate to be part of the SAR family. With much appreciation.
Joan Goodman
Thank you for your dedication and service. You truly are heroes!
Steven Exler & Shira Billet
With boundless gratitude to the incredible faculty, administration, nurses, medical advisory team, security staff, maintenance crew, kitchen crew -- to all the heroes and essential workers who keep our beloved school running each day. We are simply in awe of each and every one of you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Neal and Betsy Smolar
Yishar Koach to all of the Heroes, and our dear friend Esther Sperber!
💛🖤Tami and Yigal Sklarin
Thank you to all of the honorees for your endless dedication to the SAR community! A special shout out to our friend Nurse Esther for always being there for the students and staff at SAR Academy.
Rachel and Dr. David Vorchheimer
Thank you to all of the dedicated honorees, whose heroic efforts have enabled our children to safely continue their SAR education.
Zeyde Moshe Edelman & Nancy Stern Scholem
In honor of the six grand children who live and love the SAR experience. With special tribute to Morah Erica Edelman and Nava Edelman Cohen.
Babette and Dan Greenwald
To all who have stepped up and lead our community. Big thank you!
🎓💛🖤Barrie & Jon Krause
Thank you for keeping us healthy and learning in-person!
Noah and Naomi Goldstein
Russi, Your dedication and devotion is incredible! This is well deserved. Keep being amazing! SAR is lucky to have you!
Ariella Lang & Alex Kornfeld
Mazal Tov to all the honorees for contributing to and sustaining the SAR community during this challenging time. We are so grateful!
🎓Raffaella Kestenbaum
Mazal Tov Tal!!! With love and admiration, Raffi
Isaac & Liora Sabony
Congratulations to all the honorees.
💛🖤Hilary Buff
Thank you to all the SAR hero’s for creating a safe and joyful community.
Elana and Simeon Siegel
Thank you to our SAR Heroes, administrators and teachers for navigating this pandemic with our children in mind at every step. We are forever grateful!
🎓Debbie & Mendy Merel
Congratulations to all the Heroes !
Kimberly Morgan Blank
We salute Esther Sperber for all she does for her family and community.
🎓Sara Rubenstein
Thank you for all of your hard work keeping everyone safe and healthy!!
Nathaniel Persily
Thrilled to honor Esther Sperber and all she has done for the local community and around the world. -- Love, The Persilys
💛🖤Denise Zami Samstein
Thank you to the amazing SAR heroes for all of your neverending work! We are SO lucky to have all of you. The year would not be possible without you!!! Thank you!
Lewis Abrams and Jamie Podhurst
Mazal Tov to all the honorees! Special Yashar Koach to Nurse Russi Bohm.
💛🖤 Liba Kornfeld & Ethan Linden
Thank you to this incredible community for lifting our children this year.
Sharon and Oskar Salamon
In tribute to this year’s exceptional slate of honorees! Special shout out to our own Nurse Russi— we are so fortunate to have you! Sharon and Oskar Salamon
Gabrielle Kaminetzky
Thank you to all of the honorees!
💛🖤Rebecca & Jeremy Sykes
Thank you to all of our volunteers, nurses, and doctors who have guided us through this past year. SAR would not be the same without you! Thank you for all that you do day in and day out. With much gratitude and appreciation, Rebecca and Jeremy Sykes
🎓Shira & Zack Baratz
To our brilliant Mom and Babi, Dr. Teena Lerner, Thank you for reading thousands of pages of data and scientific studies all summer, for ensuring our community stays healthy, and above all for working closely with the other Heroes to make sure SAR continued to thrive. We love you and are so proud of you! Love, Shira, Zack, Zoë, Charlie, and Duke
Yael & Alan Laifer
We are grateful for all the heroes that are being honored. You have helped our community maintain a semblance of normalcy this past year. On a personal level, a special thank you to our extraordinary nurses, Russi Bohm and Esther Bacharach, for everything they have done for our girls in the 18 years that we have been at SAR. The last 4 years would have been impossible for us without your partnership .
Susan and Moshe Golkin
Thank you to all of the honorees for doing such an incredible job of keeping all of SAR students, faculty and staff safe and healthy through this extremely difficult time! Your kindness, care, smarts and hard work allows all of our children to be able to come to school every day. We feel truly blessed to be a part of such an amazing school!
Seth Aronson
With appreciation to all those who worked tirelessly
Hani & Avi Stern
To Hila, our daughter in law, We are so proud of you and wanted to wish congratulations and continued success. Its inspirational to see how you contributed your architectural talent and helped SAR to bring the students back school during the time of the pandemic. Best wishes, Hani & Avi Stern
Orlee, Yakira, Tehila and Aderet Maslow
Mazal Tov to our Babi and all the other heroes keeping school safe for all! Orlee (4N), Yakira (3), Tehila (7) and Aderet (7) Maslow
🎓💛🖤 Kanovsky Family
To Esther, Maggie and Russi, Thank you all for taking such good care of our children. You are all incredible!
🎓💛🖤 Shana & Bini Krauss
Mazal Tov to our heroic honorees - our communal role model: Teena; our incredible nurses: Nurse Esther and Russi; our favorite cousins: Gita and Maggie; a model of real chesed: Tal; our inspired healers of body and space: Josh and Esther; and our closest friend Hila. Thank you for all you give under normal and extraordinary circumstances to our second home - SAR.
💛🖤Jennifer & Jonathan Kroll
Thank you to our teachers who became frontline workers and ensured that SAR students continued to receive a thoughtful, engaging and inspirational education. Thank you Esther and Maggie for extraordinary leadership. Russi, always with a smile and the devotion that makes everyone you care for feel special. Whether calling students and their parents to check up on them or refreshing your Northwell app at 3AM, you are a treasure. Teena, how blessed is the SAR community to have as one of its lay leaders a PhD in virology who knows how to get things done! Josh and Gita, you have taught us so much about medicine, public health, and leadership. Thank you for making it safe to learn! Hila and Esther, when we didn’t even know where to begin, you stepped in and charted a path by reimagining our already incredible campus. The project was energizing and dare I say fun! Tal, thank you for inspiring everyone in the community to contribute in their own way. וישלח ברכה והצלחה בכל מעשי ידיכם
Giti & Jack Bendheim
To our spectacular, knowledgeable, wise, brave, warm, and responsible SAR heroes: You have been a steady, bright, and probing light in this perfect storm. Thank you for your professionalism and generosity in helping us chart our best path through a precarious and complex situation. We are incredibly thankful to each of you as an individual, and to all of you as a team. You are our “secret sauce”—committed and dedicated leaders who bring great pride and credit to our beloved SAR. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
The Libin Family - Sherri, Alex, Jacob ('21), Noah and Elliot
To Russi Bohm and her fellow honorees: Thank you all for your tireless dedication to our children and for helping keep 'the lights on' at SAR this tumultuous year. A special Hakarat Hatov to Nurse Russi Bohm for the compassion, warmth and care she shows our kids on a near daily basis. Our family owes you an incredible debt of gratitude. Mazal tov to all the honorees on this well-deserved recognition!
💛🖤Rivka & Tully Harcsztark
To our amazing honorees: you have inspired us with your commitment, your determination, your wisdom, your love and your care! Words cannot express our gratitude to each of you! You have been there for the administration, faculty, parents and students at every moment. Whenever we asked, you were there, no matter the time of day or night. Thank you for doing everything possible to keep us safe and in school together. We are so proud to honor each of you!
💛🖤 Chaya & Samson Fine
Wishing Mazal Tov to all of the Honorees - OUR HEROES!! We thank you and the administration from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done to ensure that our community's children have continued learning in a healthy and happy environment during these challenging times! A special Mazal Tov to: Russi Bohm - Dr. Seuss wrote, "To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world." May you have continued strength to make each person you interact with feel like they are your entire world! Your ability to connect, empathize and encourage students, faculty, alumni, friends and family far surpass most people's capabilities! The entire Fine family feels privileged to be part of your ever expanding inner circle! We love you! Esther Bacharach - Our children have benefited from your abundance of kindness, concern, and loving way! May Hashem grant you continued strength and health so that you can fulfill your dreams, as you have helped so many reach theirs!
🎓Debby & Bruce Prince
Mazel Tov and a Hakarat Hatov to all of the honorees and SAR Heroes and for what they have all done in creating a safe and nurturing environment for our children and educating our Daughter Rosie these past 4 years in SAR High School.
💛🖤Tammy Jacobowitz, Ronnie, Reyna, Abie, Batsheva, and Emanuela Perelis
So much gratitude for the incredible generosity of time, energy and wisdom by all the SAR heroes! Your vision and commitment have made us all feel cared for and supported during this challenging time. THANK YOU. A special shout-out to superhero Russi -- Russi, you make giving and being present for others look effortless. You bring out the best in everyone, inspire laughter, and reshape so many worlds with your kindness. You have been shining at SAR for years! We love you so much.
judy & marc berger
Thank you SAR for staying the "OPEN" school you always have been
Malkie Dershowitz
In honor of our dear sister Esther Bachrach Whose great dedication and loyalty is only surpassed by her great heart. Your constant striving to grow to greater heights together with Gary is truly admirable. רבות בנות עשו חיל ואת עלית על כולנה May Hashem continue to bless both of you with many more healthy and happy years together with much bracha and hatzlacha. ושימלא ה כל משאלות לבכם לטובה Malkie and Jay Chumie and Eugene Judy and Yankel All your nieces and nephews
Landa Family
To our Dearest Gita WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Aunt Lori and Uncle Harold Nina and Shosh
Shelley & Sid Itzkowitz
Thank you to Gita Lisker and all the SAR HEROES for all you have done. Thank you SAR for teaching and taking such good care of our grandchildren, Ethan and Ava Salamon.
🎓💛🖤 Sara & Laurence Hasson
Thank you to the incredible administration, faculty, and our SAR heroes for their hard work and dedication, and for ensuring that our children are able to be in school safely, every day. We know it is an herculean effort, and we are forever grateful. - Sara, Laurence, Andrew, Jade, Noa & Chloe
🎓💛🖤Jessica Bartel & Eytan Zadoff (AC’98)
To all of the honorees: Thank you so much for all of your heroic efforts, dedication, and unwavering commitment to ensuring that our children and staff are safe each and every day. We are eternally grateful for all of your love, care, and devotion. You are our every day heroes!!
💛🖤Judith & Herbert Block and Family
Thank you to all the honorees for the hard work you have put in to reopen school while keeping us all safe.
Beth & Yashi Kraus
In honor of Emma's wonderful first year!
Ronit & Ami Schwab
We are so appreciative to the entire SAR community for keeping our children safe and happy during this difficult year. A special thank you to our Heroes who not only have worked tirelessly to protect our families, but also embodied the values of SAR in their dedication and actions.
Elaine & Philip Schnall
Mazel Tov and a huge yasher koach to all the honorees. Thank you for making it possible for the students to actually be in school. You all have done an amazing job!
💛🖤Liz & Dan Spevack
We are endlessly grateful to our heroes for their incredible work, thoughtfulness, and dedication to SAR. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do.
🎓Doria Kahn
Thank you to all of the SAR heroes!
Thank you for all of the hard work to make SAR great!!
The Migdal Tucker family
In honor of the heroes who have kept school open and helped other schools learn how - we salute you.
Ari Goldman & Daniella Kevelson
“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” – Confucius To our fabulous teachers, Morot Kayla, Hen, Shoshana, Aliza, Shari, Heather, Monika, Alana, Shoshana, Beth and Sarah, and Moreh Yehonatan, Thank you for giving of yourselves each day to provide our children this year of hope and restoration of their spirits. We are so appreciative of each of you. Sincerely, Daniella and Ari
💛🖤Gaby Zevi
To our honoraries-our heroes! Thank you for everything that you do all of us, our children and community.
Lawrence and Adina Lewis Garbuz
To all the superheroes- medical advisors and SAR Administration who heralded us through unprecedented times with unprecedented heroism- our family personally and the whole SAR community thank you for all that you have done for all of us! With great appreciation and hakarat hatov, Lawrence, Adina, Ella, Liav, Jonah and Eva Garbuz
Elizabeth (Alexander) & Eli Reichner
Mazal Tov Russi Bohm on this well deserved honor! Thank you for everything you do for the SAR community!
🎓Shulie Rubin-Hochstadt & Dan Hochstadt
Thank you for outstanding stewardship throughout this challenging year!
Melanie & Larry Rawlins
As grandparents of Neshama (10th), Aliya (6th), Shalev (2nd) and Kol (future SAR), we are grateful for SAR's commitment to excellence and its unparalleled care and compassion for its students. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our grandchildren and all students! Congratulations to all the honorees.
🎓💛🖤 Lisi & Michael Mandel
We are so incredibly grateful for this year's heroic slate of honorees. Thank you for your role in building, guiding and supporting our community this year and always. Sending a special shout-out to Esther, Russi and Maggie for the incredible warmth and patience you demonstrate each day. Lisi & Michael Mandel, Sam, Mia and Abby
Elisheva & Ben Langstein
Thank you to all of the SAR nurses for keeping our children safe and for allowing them to learn in person this year. We are so grateful for all of your hard work!
Deborah & Tom Kolb and Family
With much gratitude to all the SAR heroes for your hard work and dedication to our children and the larger community during this challenging time.
🎓💛🖤Shani & Moshe Gold
A huge thank you and Mazal tov to all the honorees. Special thanks to Nurse Esther for her tireless caring and devotion to all of the students and staff at SAR Academy.
💛🖤Molly Pollak & Phil Gassel
In honor of Esther Sperber.
Lamelle & Rob Ryman
In honor of all 9 heroes -- with particular gratitude to Russi Bohm, Esther Bacharach, Esther Sperber, and Dr. Rockstar -- as well every SAR hero, including those on the extraordinary leadership team, the phenomenal faculty, and the stellar staff, who inspire us daily.
Marjorie & Phillip Jacobs
In honor of our heroes! Thank you for your dedication to SAR!
Maggie and Jason Listhaus
Thank you so much to everyone for making this year possible!
Shani and Daniel Reich
We are deeply grateful to everyone at SAR and all the honorees for your extraordinary efforts to keep our children safe and well, for making it possible for them to be back in school this year, and for creating a rich virtual learning and co-curricular environment for the times they cannot be there.
🎓Ethan Burian
In honor of these outstanding honorees and as a small token of my appreciation for my 13 wonderful years as a student at SAR. I am forever grateful for the love and support of the SAR faculty and staff, the honorees and the larger SAR family. Special love sent to Nurse Esther and Russi!
Beth & Ari Hait
Mazel Tov and thank you to all our incredibly dedicated and wonderful honorees, and with special affection and admiration for Esther Bacharach.
🎓Sarah Roer & Etan Bendheim
We are so grateful for the incredible effort in making this year possible. Thank you all!
Stacey & David Rivkin
With sincere gratitude to the SAR nurses, faculty and leadership for all your extraordinary acts this year on behalf of our children. Thank you to all the HEROES - the Medical Committee, PTC and all of the parents and students who have gone above and beyond to make this year exceptional.
Sara & Elisha Blechner and Family
Thank you to all the SAR heroes who go above and beyond to make sure our kids are safe and have the best education possible!
Robyn & Alan Samuels
Mazal Tov to Russi, Gita, and all the Heroes--you are amazing!
Judith & David Jelen
Thank you to our incredible heroes for keeping our children, their teachers and administrators safe and in school. You are all amazing - Yasher Koach!!!
Sandra & Ira Greenstein
Grateful to SAR!!
Sharon & Rafe Sasson
To the honorees, administrators, teachers and SAR staff - You are truly essential workers! We thank you.
Miriam & Gerald Friedkin
In honor of our granddaughters Gabriela and Anni Kahane.
🎓Stephanie & Shachar Minkove
With unending gratitude to our Honorees, whose expertise, perspective, kindness and time have carried our community through this pandemic. Special thanks to Dr. Rocker, whose deep knowledge and calm demeanor have been so important to us. To the incredible administration of SAR Academy and SAR High School - From the first moments, you created a big tent and invited us all in, making sure that our community was united, cared for, safe and learning. Your tenacity, commitment and caring - along with the guidance of our Honorees - is what has made this possible. And to our teachers - thank you for your love, patience, creativity and willingness to do whatever it takes for our children!
Pearl Dental Spa - Pearl Sussman & Bryant Shapiro
Thank you SAR Heroes, faculty, staff and students. You are all awesome.
Sheryl and Mordy Littmann
With gratitude to the SAR Heroes and all the teachers and administration for keeping our kids in school learning safely. The Littmann Family
💛🖤Amanda & Jonathan Klatt
We are so grateful to all of our SAR Heroes for making this year possible - our kids are THRILLED to be back in school, as are we! Special shoutout to Russi who has been the best colleague, friend and personal hero that a person could ask for. This honor is so well deserved - what you've done in the past 6 months is just a tiny slice of what makes you beyond worthy of it! And to our longtime friend Maggie, we hope you continue to enjoy your daily waves from Talia and your walk from our driveway. But seriously - your bravery in starting at SAR as a school nurse during a pandemic is formidable and SAR is so lucky to have you!
🎓💛🖤Jamie Vichinsky & Seth Braunstein
Mazal tov to all the honorees! We are so grateful for your commitment and dedication to the SAR community. To Maggie and Esther, thank you for the care and commitment you show the children of SAR each and every day. To Russi, your positive attitude permeates everything you do and brightens each day. You are an amazing nurse, role model, colleague, and friend. Mazal tov on this well deserved honor. 
Ilana and Joseph Englander
Yasher Koach and Mazal Tov to all the honorees!! Thank you for everything you do on a daily basis.
Stephanie & George Saks
In honor of the volunteers and heroes. Thank you for your wonderful efforts.
Rozanne & Bob Bernstein
We are very pleased to support SAR, our grandchildren's new school. For Sadie and Elan Bernstein.
Edieal Pinker & Monica Becker
Thank you to the SAR Heros who kept us safe and kept the kids learning in school!
💛🖤Debra & Randy Apfelbaum
Our deepest appreciation to all the heroes for keeping our SAR community strong and safe. Words can not express the gratitude we have for all your gigantic efforts. Esther- you are an endless source of wisdom, patience and friendship. Thank you for being such a role model to us all!
Levis and Rochelle Kochin
In honor of all the honorees and our granddaughter Naomi Saltzman.
💛🖤 The Eis Family
Mazal Tov to all the SAR Heroes! Thank you for your dedication, efforts and time to ensure our children can learn in person this year. A special thank you to our Nurses. The way you care for all of the children at SAR is remarkable. Esther, throughout our children's 10 years at the academy you have been a constant source of comfort that has often helped them through a tough day or week. Thank you for your endless love and devotion. Russi, though our friendship spans years, we are just beginning our journey at the HS with you. Thank you for always being there for us. Maggie, thank you for your tireless hours of caring for SAR's youngest students. SAR is so lucky to have you!
Marcelle Appel Agus
In honor of my granddaughter Jaclyn Agus - High School and all the honorees.
Marina & Leo Goldstein
In honor of the speedy and complete Refuah Shlema of Rabbi Shmuel Greenberg. And with deep appreciation of SAR Teachers and Administration who have made in person learning a reality. Thank you!
🎓💛🖤Shifra Landowne & Matthew Schneider
With enormous gratitude to all of the SAR Heroes who have ushered us through this time with endless wisdom, competence, patience, caring, fortitude and kindness. Thank you for all of your hard work, and for sharing your incredible talents with us and our children!
Carol & Ned Kantar
Congratulations to SAR on the outstanding work you do.
Leah & Terry Rifkin
Thanks and Mazal Tov to all the honorees, especially our friends Dr. Gita Lisker, Esther Bacharach, and Maggie Listhaus.
Dena Rabinowitz & Jon Rosner
Thank you to all the SAR heroes.
Emily Scharfman
Words of gratitude feel insufficient to express how grateful we are for your incredibly hard work. THANK YOU!
💛🖤Ora Bayewitz-Meier
Russi - I admire your tireless dedication to all of the staff and students at SAR. You impact so many lives on a daily basis - and always with a smile. Mazal tov on this well-deserved honor!
Suzy & Richard Ainsberg
To the Spectacular 9 - and to our own Amazing 2 - Morah Aliza 'Ainsberg' Goldstein and Morah Shoshana Ainsberg.
💛🖤Aliza & Jake Goldstein
Mazel Tov to all the well deserved honorees! Words cannot express our gratitude to you. A special shoutout to my longtime friend Esther with love and admiration - who has been my hero since my days at Camp Lavi.
🎓Elizabeth Mandel & Steven Angel
With deep gratitude to all of the heroes who have given our whole family a sense of normalcy, stability, and safety during these difficult times.
Lotte z''l & Ludwig Bravmann
To Teena, long overdue. And in appreciation of all Honoree’s Dedication.
Ruthy & Steven Rosenberg
Thank you to the staff and administration for their dedication to keeping all of our children safe. From strength to strength!
Adina & Marc Dolfman
Thank you to our heroes-your endless devotion has made all the difference in the world to us and our children.
Deborah Shapira & Barry Stern
We are filled with gratitude and appreciation for all of the SAR heroes, and for the faculty, administration and staff who have kept the community together and kept everyone safe during these challenging times. Thank you for your tireless work and dedication!
💛🖤Josh Lannik
Russi- Thank you so much for all of the incredible things that you do!
Melissa & Elan Katz
Kol Hakavod to all the heroes
💛🖤Sarah Cohen
Congratulations to Esther Bachrach for this well deserved honor. Much admiration to Rabbi Krauss and Sharon Richter for their FANTASTIC accomplishments.
Ellie & Barry Shrage
In honor of the leadership, faculty and staff who led SAR through the crisis safely and with caring and excellence. Kol Hakavod!
Lisa and Alistair Gatoff, Ilana, Dina, and Dalia
Congratulations to Esther, Russi, and all the honorees for their tireless work and contributions to SAR
Gladys & Greg Teitel
Thank you to all of the honorees, as well as the incredible staff and faculty of SAR High School, for all you have done to guide and support us in these unprecedented times. May you always go from strength to strength.
Rahel Ouaknine Marciano &Yarrick Marciano
Thank you for all your work / devotion and effort to keep this school safe / and so great !
Erica, Ken, Richard and Daniella Grau
Congratulations to all of our SAR Heroes. Your knowledge, humanity and direction have guided us through this extraordinary time.
Hilary Linsky
Mazel Tov! Thank you for everything - you are all incredible!
Sheila & Bob Feinerman
Mazel Tov to the Heroes, celebrating all the parents and students. Special shoutout to Sam Glass (AC '21) and Mia Glass (AC '24).
Annie & George Miller
In honor of Gayle Lewis. Thanks for your efforts on behalf of SAR.
Dov & Barbara Pollak
In honor of our granddaughters Nava & Avital Pollak.
Jocelyne Notkin
My granddaughters are very lucky to get this wonderful education at SAR.
Florence & Gabriel Gurell
In honor of Russi Bohm. Russi is a source of inspiration for all of us.
🎓Hudi & Lawrence Askowitz and Family
Warmest Hakarat Hatov to the SAR Heroes being honored this evening as well as to the heroic teachers, administration and staff!!!! Your efforts have allowed the SAR children to continue to safely be in their SAR home learning, growing and developing into the wonderful adults they will become. Many, many thanks!!!! Hudi, Lawrence, Talia, Joshua and Gideon
Barbara & Alan Listhaus
Thank you to the teachers and administrators of SAR for providing an outstanding education to our grandchildren and to the SAR Heroes who have ensured a safe environment for learning. Maggie, we are so proud of you! The SAR community is fortunate to have you on their team. Barbara and Alan Listhaus.
Tamar & Tzvi Bar-David
In recognition of our special friend Russi Bohm and all the other heroes. Thank you for everything you do for SAR and beyond
Shimona, Ari, Ethan, and Talia Katz
Thank You to all the SAR heroes! We bang our pots in your honor, and are in awe of everything you do for the school, the community, and Am Yisrael (and in Teena’s case, her neighbors too!).
Susan & Jack Lerner and Family
Mazel Tov to our Sister, Dr. Teena Lerner for this well deserved honor on behalf of SAR and the community at large. You inspire all around you to perform acts of Chessed. Mazel Tov to our neighbor and dear friend, Dr. Gita Lisker on your honor. May you and all the honorees go from strength to strength! With Love, Susan and Jack Lerner and Family
Shelah & Marc Moller
Congratulations All and especially to our Abigail.
Jayne & Harvey Beker
Congratulations to the SAR Heroes!!
💛🖤Sheri & Alon Krausz
In honor of Russi. Thank you!
Devorah & Mel Bleiberg
In honor of all the SAR heroes, including all the teachers of our grandchildren (and especially our Morah Ali).
💛🖤Shari & Shmuel Hain
In honor of Russi and all the SAR heroes
🎓Yael & Jonathan Martin
Mazal tov to all the honorees! A special thank you to the SAR administration, teachers, staff and parent volunteers for courageously modeling Achrayout for our children and community. Yael & Jon Martin
Erica & Arnaud Bensoussan
A big Thank You and congratulations to our SAR heroes!
Jeff Rosengarten
In honor of the wonderful education SAR provides my grandchildren, Abigail and Gabriel Rosengarten
Alex Schwarz
In honor of my late father Charles Schwarz (Shmuel Dov ben Alexander).
Dana & Yudi Fishkin
Congratulations to our dear friend Hila Stern and all honorees on this well deserved honor.
Leah & Michael Bandler
In honor of the SAR Heroes, and in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of our grandson, Jacob Avery Bandler
Avigdor Gargy
To honor Russi Bohm and all the heroes of SAR!
Jeffrey & Rebecca Singer
Congratulations to all the SAR heroes who dedicate so much time, energy and love to our SAR community.
💛🖤Heidi Kane & Michael Bonomo
It is an honor to honor our 'heroes.' Thank you for your unwavering commitment to SAR and passionate concern for each individual. Your humility is exceptional, your contributions invaluable.
In honor of Russi Bohm
💛🖤Esther & Gary Bacharach
With gratitude to all the honorees & to the staff & faculty of SAR. Thank you for your tireless efforts. Special thank you to my fellow nurses for keeping our school safe and for your never-ending support- you are truly amazing. Esther & Gary
Robyn & Josh Hartman
In honor of Russi Bohm
Jen & Josh Erez
Russi, Mazel tov on this well deserved honor!
Matthew Saal
In honor of Alex, Jake, Talia, and Hannah Saal
💛🖤 Schlaff-Pearlberg Family
Thank you to all the honorees for your amazing efforts and incredible planning that allowed school to open! It literally could not have been done without you. And to Russi - you are a true hero! Thank you for your always positive attitude, sense of humor, and above all, deep caring for every member of the SAR community. You are our teacher each and every day.
Young Israel of Jamaica Estates
We salute all these heroes, and are particularly proud of all the efforts of our dear friend, Dr. Gita Lisker. Throughout this crisis she has been an outstanding leader - a true hero - dedicating her time and energy and expertise to the welfare of those around her. She has been, and continues to be, a pillar of strength to our entire community. May she, together with her family, be blessed with health and happiness - and may we continue to be blessed with her leadership.
Dr Susan Ungar Mero & Steven Mero, Ariella, Dani and Jackie
Mazel Tov to all the honorees. Thank you so much!
💛🖤The Schneider Family
With deep gratitude to all the honorees-- wise and generous heroes each and every one! And to our resident Wonder Woman, the one and only Russi Bohm: We are blessed to have you in our lives and to learn from you each day. You care for everyone around you with the utmost kindness, sensitivity, smarts, warmth, positivity and heart. You are our role model, advisor, mentor and dear friend. You have always been our hero and we can never thank you enough! Gloria, Greg, Ariella, Shira and Aliza
Rabbi Gary & Beaty Menchel
In honor of our grandson - Eli Menchel
💛🖤 Amy & Ryan Hyman and Family
"And you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have." ~ Bob Marley None of us have had a choice but to be strong this year. SAR's medical committee, nurses and other honorees have inspired all of us with their strength that held up our entire community. Thank you!
Esther Sperber & Bruce Goldberger
Esther, you are our hero and head architect everyday. We are honored to celebrate you along with the whole SAR community and applaud and thank Hila, Dr. Rocker, Dr. Lisker and the dedicated nurses who have kept us safe and inspired throughout the pandemic. Thank you also to all of the SAR faculty, administration and staff for taking such good care of our children.
Shirley & David Shapiro
Mazal Tov to all of the Honorees! Proud to support the wonderful work you do!
💛🖤 Paula & Charles Fisch
Mazal tov to all the honorees. Thank you for your time and dedication to our students
💛🖤Sarita & Ruben Gober
Thank you and Yasher Koach for making SAR such a safe and special place to learn and grow!
Riverdale Pediatric Dentistry - Liraz Spear, DDS, FAAPD
Mazal tov to all of the SAR Heroes!
💛🖤 Ayala & Yosef Helft
In honor of all those who have worked tirelessly to allow us to return to school in September and to keep school open for so many months- our principals, teachers, nurses, maintenance staff, medical committee, volunteer committee, architects/engineers, parent body, and kids! We are inspired by the incredible efforts of so many devoted members of our school community and feel blessed to be able toe send our children to SAR every day!
Robin & Brad Klatt
Russi and Maggie we are so very proud! With affection, Robin & Brad
Lenore & Ilan Fogel
There are no words to thank you all enough for your care, dedication, sacrifice and efforts! May Hashem bless you all, in the magnitude that you have blessed our family and the entire SAR and greater community.
💛🖤Rachel & Yoni Mandelbaum and Family
Maggie and Esther - thank you for your endless dedication to our girls and to SAR Academy! Mazal tov on this recognition!
💛🖤Rachel & Yoni Mandelbaum and Family
Yes - hero is definitely an accurate way to describe you, Russi. You give everything in your life 110%. You are a hero of the SAR community, the RJC and the Riverdale community at large, but to our family you are also a champion. You have been there for us in countless ways over the course of the past year. We are grateful to have you and your family in our lives. Mazal tov on this well-deserved honor! With Love, Rachel, Yoni, Kayley, Liana and Ayden
💛🖤Debby Sondheim
Mazal Tov Esther! on this well deserved honor from your study buddy Debby
Audrey & Chaim Trachtman
in Honor of Esther Sperber, architect extraordinaire
Cheryl & Doron Scher
Thank you to our SAR heroes who have made this school year possible!
Ariella & Yossi Zarfati
Mazel Tov to all of the Honorees!
💛🖤Nancy & Dov Lerea
To all the honorees: We are grateful for your dedication to the SAR community! We have felt protected by your guidance in making in-school education happen through the end of 2020! A special shoutout to Russi Bohm, our local hero, for her constant and diligent efforts to keep the high school a safe place. Thank you for your positive attitude and rapid text responses!
🎓 Naomi Cooper & Ardon Wiener
Thank you to all of the SAR Heroes!!
Alice & Mark Lebowitz and Family
Expressing sincere Hakarat Hatov to the faculty and volunteers for their supreme dedication to SAR. Kol Hakavod to our students and especially to the Class of 2021.
Shuli Karkowsky & Avi Rabinowitz
So grateful to the school and all of its heroes this year!
Rachela Elias & Gedalia Pasternak
With heartfelt thanks to all the heroes who worked so selflessly and tirelessly to support the SAR community in these challenging times, and to allow our children the gift of being able to attend school in person this year!
Rachel & Bryan Salamon
We feel so lucky to have such hero’s in our community! Thank you all for all you have done and continue to do to keep our children safe. We appreciate you today and every day. Thank you!
Ariella & Ari Levine
Mazal tov to our friend Gita Lisker and all the honorees for keeping our children safe and happy.
💛🖤Tobie Brandriss & Robert Goodman
Russi, Dr. Lisker, Dr. Rocker, Ms. Sperber, Teena, Esther, and our other honorees - you are truly our heroes. Without you, SAR's opening in the hybrid model would not have been possible. And it has been wonderful. Thank you, thank you!
Daniella Fuchs & Jeff Wechselblatt
Thank you to all the SAR Heroes! We are so appreciative of all you do!
💛🖤🎓Anat Barber & Avi Bloom
וְאַתָּ֣ה תֶחֱזֶ֣ה מִכָּל־הָ֠עָם אַנְשֵׁי־חַ֜יִל... שמות י״ח:כ״א Thank you to all of the SAR Heroes for everything you have done to carry us to this point. Your wisdom and unwavering commitment continue to provide a beacon of leadership during these very dark times. Thank you as well, to the faculty, administration and board leadership of SAR without whom our community would not have arrived at this moment. With gratitude, Anat Barber, Avi Bloom (AC’ 94), Eliora, Ilan, and Noam
Avrumki & Daniella Allen
We are so grateful to this incredible group for guiding us safely through this most difficult time. Thank you, The Allen Family
💛🖤Rivky & Mark Rossler
To the courageous and amazing SAR nurses- Esther, Russi, and Maggie, thank you for taking care of our children! Thank you to the wonderful teachers of Gan Maayan, Gan Ananim, and 2x for all the incredible learning!
Jennifer & David Kellman
Mazal Tov to all the SAR Heroes for their well deserved honor! We have such a deep appreciation and admiration for the incredible efforts of the entire SAR community. We feel so proud that we are a part of such an outstanding and inspirational Jewish institution with exemplary leadership.
Sara & Warren Sherman
In honor of our grandchildren Jeremy (AC '09 HS '13) & Eden Sherman, Jessie Sherman (AC '12 HS '16), and Allie Sherman (AC '13 HS '17).
Dr. & Mrs. Elazar Rabbani
Mazal tov to everyone who works so hard to make the school so great.
Daniel & Mia Diamond Padwa
Thanks for all of your efforts to keep our kids safe and healthy!
💛🖤The Brooks Family
Mazal Tov to all the honorees on this well deserved honor.
Donna & Adam Von Samek
THANK YOU to all the heroes at SAR!
Judy & Moshe Bernstein
In honor of our niece Russi Bohm and her heroic colleagues. Judy and Moshe Bernstein
Erica Leifer
In honor of My Dear Friend Esther Bacharach, the best Nurse I know, for 23 years of Dedication and Commitment to the health of the children of SAR Academy
Caroline & David Gabay
Thank you to all our SAR nurses and volunteers for all your hard work and dedication!
Rivka & Eli Ivri
Esther, you are the bomb! Mazal tov on your well deserved honor!! For years of dedication, care, service, and patience! I miss you.
💛🖤Pearl & Stanley Taback
Dear Esther, You're the best! No child is afraid to come to your office - and every child leaves with a smile - or at the very least, with comfort. Mazal tov on being honored - as you so deserve!
Jerusha Coltof & Doug Hirshon
Mazal tov for this well deserved honor.
Cheryl & Joel Goldschmidt
In honor of Russi Bohm, a great nurse, an amazing person, and a wonderful role model.
💛🖤Elayne Miller-Matityahu
Thank you all for your wisdom, selflessness and compassion. We owe all of you a debt of gratitude for seeing us through these difficult days. Stay safe and HEALTHY! We will make it through!
Sheryl & Eran Varnai
Mazal Tov to Dr. Gita Lisker on this well deserved honor! Mazal Tov and thank you to all of the honorees and the administration for all of your hard work getting our children in school and continued hard work and dedication to keep school safe and as normal as possible!
💛🖤 Chavie & Moshe Wilner
Thank you for all you have done to keep SAR safe! Esther, you've always been my hero!
Hedda Rudoff
Teena, congratulations on this most deserving honor. Esther Sperber, congratulations on receiving this recognition. Shaindy would be proud!
Felecia & Michael Stern
To Russi, you have been our hero long before Covid. To all the honorees, a tremendous thank you for all the sacrifices you have made to keep our community safe and informed.
💛🖤Lisa R. Bambino
Many grateful thanks to all our healthcare heroes who have guided our community through these unprecedented times. Admiration and appreciation for the courage and perseverance of the SAR administration, department heads, faculty, staff and students as we continue to study, learn and become.
Sheera & Danny Riemer
With deep appreciation for SAR's heroes and their exceptional commitment to SAR's students.
Simone Rudoff Semer & Mark Semer
Thank you and mazal tov to all of SAR’s heroes!!!
Lisa & Steve Oppenheimer
Thank you to all the SAR heroes for all you do. A special thank you to Russi Bohm.
Sheila Gottehrer
Russi Bohm - Thank you for everything! Dr. Rocker - Todah!
Joan & Aaron Gurtman
With gratitude to all of you for your dedicated service.
Shuli Passow & David Hoffman
We are so grateful to all the SAR heroes! Thank you for your incredible work to keep our children and everyone at SAR safe and healthy, and to ensure a wonderful year of learning. You are all amazing!
Rochelle & Leo Goldbeg
Thank you to all SAR Heroes for being there always for our children
💛🖤Helen Sprinkle
Dear Russi and the entire Medical Team, May G-d bless you for your efforts! You have made this year possible for all of us, from students, to teachers and to staff! Stay well, stay strong, and thank you!
Ariel & Dani Forman
Thank you to all the honorees and to everyone that continues to work so hard to make this year possible!
Sharon & David Westerman
In honor of our wonderful grandsons Adley, Jake and Ryan
💛🖤Amy Heller & Noah Borenstein
Russi- you are a rockstar! We cannot thank you enough for all you do for us and our family. To the rest of the honorees, thank you for making the transition back to school so smooth.
Benjamin Weiss
With much gratitude and appreciation for all the front-line workers, faculty, and staff that have enabled the community to continue to grow and thrive under such difficult circumstances.
Aileen & Rabbi Barry Konovitch
In honor of our three amazing grandchildren Jedidiah Alexander, Anaelle Simone, and Hezekiah Benjamin Konovitch. Love Saba & Savta
🎓💛🖤 Akiva Block
Mazal tov Russi! Your grace and unconditional love for every student in SAR is matched only by your commitment to their, and our, health and well-being. Thank you for bringing warmth and smiles in a time when we all need it. I feel blessed to call you a colleague and friend.
Shani & Nati Abittan
Thank you to all our SAR hero’s and special thank you to Russi for everything you’ve done to help me and my family and the whole SAR community!!
💛🖤Gail & David Krasner
Thank you to every one of our most special honorees - our community will be forever grateful for all you have done to guide and support us. Kol HaKavod !
Debra & Mendy Benovitz-Tepler
You are all heroes. Every teacher, administrator, student and support staff. Kol Hakavod for the way you managed through this year. We are so proud to be part of this amazing community. And a special shout out to Morah Lisi, who does it all with a smile -- always!
Sarah & Isaac Jonas
We are so grateful to our SAR heroes (teachers, administrators and staff) and especially our amazing Nurse Maggie! Kol HaKavod for everything that you do!
Faith & Harry Feder
In honor of ALL the Heroes at SAR and the Riverdale Community especially our dear friends: Teena, Russi, and Esther who keep our children and families safe!
🎓 Samantha & Daniel Wiener
Mazal Tov to Tal, Teena, Gita, Joshua, Esther, Hila, Esther, Russi and Maggie! We want to extend you all an enormous hakarat hatov. Our community would not be the same without you. Thank you! Samantha, Daniel, Akiva, Tehila, Liliya and Avital.
Regina & Brook Haberman
Special tribute and הכרת הטוב to this year’s most deserving honorees for your חסד, guidance, sage advice and help to every member of the SAR family. We are most appreciative. Brook, Regina, William, and Rebecca Haberman
Rachel Stone & Rob Bernstein
In honor of our extraordinary honorees... we are so grateful and appreciative for all that you have done for our community.
🎓Michelle & Robert Zellner
Thank you to all the honorees for your tireless work on behalf of SAR. We are endlessly grateful to you for helping enable school to open, and remain open, as well as keeping our community safe.
Debbie & Stan Berger
In honor of our grandson, Dylan Berger.
Laurie & Richard Wolff
Mazal Tov to all the heroes for a very well deserved honor. Thank you for your continued commitment to our children especially during this difficult year. We are most grateful.
🎓 Deborah & Jonathan David and Family
Congratulations to all our honorees! Thank you for all you do for SAR, and for our children! Deborah & Jonathan David Joseph, Elliot, Emily, Jacob, and Julia
Surie & Bob Sugarman
Special thanks to Russi, Maggie, and our personal super-hero Amanda Sugarman Klatt!
Regene & Kenneth Prager
In honor of Jacob, Jonah, and Claire Prager.
Ariela & Izzy Schiller
Dear Teena and all the honorees, congratulations on this well-deserved honor! Mazal tov.
Sherry & Mark Fessel
In appreciation of all of our heroes and with all our love to Layla, Arianna, Nili, and Charlie.
🎓Shana Bloom & Ben Berg
We are so grateful for all that our heroes give each day to make sure our children are not only safe, but can be thrive at school each day during this challenging time.