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Our SAR Heroes
Thank you to all that joined us for a virtual evening honoring our SAR Heroes. More than 1100 families watched the program and a community 1,200+ strong raised over $4.5 million to benefit our students. So many people posted messages applauding not only our honorees but our dedicated faculty and staff. We are humbled and moved by the outpouring of support which speaks volumes about our community's commitment to Jewish education and our children.
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For the last 23 years, Esther Bacharach has comforted thousands of SAR children and their parents, served as a brilliant diagnostician, and offered infectious calm during emergencies. Esther is often found with a siddur in hand and loves learning. She frequently shares shiurim with colleagues and enjoys davening with students. Esther is a member of the SAR Medical Advisory Team, launched in March 2020 at the start of the Covid Pandemic. Since that time she has implemented all safety and medical-related protocols for the Academy’s reopening, ensuring ongoing cooperation and safety, and providing general assessment, intervention and follow-up for students. Esther is trained in Covid-19 testing procedures, and is an invaluable counsel to and liaison with Academy administrators, parents, and students. She also provides support for the Middle School’s First Aid and CPR elective. Our honoree minored in Art History in college, and worked directly with the curator of impressionism at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. She’s also a former horseback rider, taking lessons from both her grandfather who had owned a farm in Poland, and professional instructors. Esther and her husband Gary have been a part of the Riverdale community for nearly 50 years. They are parents to Chana (and Yechiel), Shevi, Moshe (and Stephanie), and Tuvi (and Rachaeli), and have B’H nine grandchildren. FOUR QUESTIONS FOR THE HONOREE Q. What is the one insight you have gained from this year that you would like to share? A. That so many parents in our community are willing to dedicate their time and volunteer to help the school stay open. I’m amazed at all of their heart, dedication, and work. Q. What is one favorite or positive SAR-related memory from these past few months? A. A young boy who emailed me just a few weeks after we closed to say how much he missed seeing me every day! Q. SAR’s theme of the year is “achrayut” in your opinion, what is our responsibility to others during complicated times? A. Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh Bazeh. We all must watch out for one another.. Q. Who is/are your heroes? Who do you look up to and why? A. My husband, Gary, my rock, who I can always count on. EVERYONE on the Medical Advisory Team, including Dr. Jennifer Fenster. Jen, a long-time SAR Academy faculty member and current SAR parent, is a strong, wise, and dedicated woman, parent, and professional.


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1. Your loving peeps
For the last 23 years you have dedicated your days to the children that have walked through the halls of SAR. You have greeted and treated hundreds of children every day with a warm smile and a loving hello. It’s fitting that you are being honored this year in a celebration of Heroes . For longer than that you have been a Hero to our family, and to all those that come into contact with you. You are loved more than you know, may you be blessed with the ability to continue to inspire and help people and have much nachat and simcha from your family! We love you! Gary, Chana and Yechiel, Shevi, Moshe and Stephanie, Tuvi and Rachaeli
2. Erica Leifer
In honor of My Dear Friend Esther Bacharach, the best Nurse I know, for 23 years of Dedication and Commitment to the health of the children of SAR Academy
3. Shevi Bacharach
three winks gracie!!! you know what it means... i love you!
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